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What Is Phishing

  > What Is Phishing Phishing in the digital world is similar to fishing in the general public’s understanding, and it is very simple: The Phisher casts a bait, and waits to see who will bite. And just like fishing can cost a fish its life, Phishing can very...

Ransomware Attack

SmarterASP.NET – a provider that hosts Microsoft’s ASP.NET web framework and reportedly has more than 440,000 customers – suffered a ransomware attack on Saturday. SmarterASP.NET was blunt in a status update on Monday titled: “Your hosting accounts are under attack”....

Can Malicious Actors Impersonate You?

One of the first things hackers try is to see if they can spoof the email address of a CEO, HR manager, Finance, or something of the sort. If they succeed then they can cut through your network like a hot knife through butter. Attackers can launch a spear-phishing...