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Domain Time II exploit

Domain Time II is a software used by the largest enterprises such as NASDAQ, Experian, Raytheon, SpaceX, Verizon, Microsoft, HP, AMD, and many (many) more. The purpose of this software is to synchronize time across networks and computers, which is something so basic...

10 Mistakes everyone makes with passwords

Use a password that is hard to guess. Security firms regularly report the most widely used and most obvious passwords, and the same suspects always pop up. ‘Password’ is perennially popular, as is ‘123456’ and ‘iloveyou’. The user’s own name is also a common choice....

SMBs Aren’t Prepared for a Cyber Event: Here’s How to Fix That

While the so-called SolarWinds data breach was originally characterized by some as an “act of war,” that’s probably unfair. It’s better classified as an act of espionage or intelligence gathering operation—by an adversary. In other words, there could be more—and even...